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What’s the Difference Between Life Plan Communities and Nursing Homes?

happy senior couple sitting on the couch inside their senior apartment

If you’ve begun to research senior living community options, you’ve likely started to encounter some choices, terms and abbreviations you’ve never seen before. Today’s seniors are living longer, more healthy and active lives than ever before, and the options you can choose from have grown to reflect this trend.

Many seniors are familiar with the term “nursing home” because the phrase has been around for so long. But this term for a senior care option often brings to mind elderly people who are no longer able to live their lives without constant skilled nursing. More and more seniors are discovering the option of a Life Plan Community. This senior living option has become immensely popular because it offers a continuum of care, from total independence to varying levels of care.

Let’s compare these two options:

What Is a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes, also referred to as skilled nursing centers, are for seniors who have serious medical needs that require ongoing health care services from skilled nursing professionals. They can be comfortable and provide some activities within the abilities of its residents, but the atmosphere  typically is more like a care center or hospital. And contrary to what many people may believe, many nursing home residents don’t stay permanently. Instead, they may stay in a nursing home to receive rehabilitation and care after an accident, stroke or heart attack. Over 62% of nursing home residents return home after rehabilitation, but if a person needs permanent care, then it may become their permanent home.

What Is a Life Plan Community?

An option for retired seniors that has become more and more popular over the years is one that allows residents to live in a place they can call home, for a life of independence and fun, but with the peace of mind that comes with knowing care can be made available in the same community, should it ever become necessary.

If you’re a senior who’s healthy, active and still living life on the move, you may want an independent living option. Rather than staying in a traditional family home, where you’re still burdened with chores, errands and unpredictable maintenance costs, a senior living community can give you the real freedom of leaving all that behind. Your time becomes yours again, and your costs become steady and predictable.

Life Plan Community vs. Nursing Home

But what about your possible future care needs? If you should ever require assistance, skilled nursing or rehabilitation, you may have to make some serious adjustments to your lifestyle and your budget. A nursing home is a place you would move to only if you need serious medical care, even if your stay is temporary. A Life Plan Community is a place where you can live in health, freedom and independence, but also have a plan for the possibility of needing future care. It’s all about the plan.

A quality Life Plan Community, like Freedom Pointe at The Villages, offers independent living options for seniors who are still on the go, but don’t want to have to go to the hardware store or do yardwork. Part of your monthly fee gives you access to several outstanding services and amenities that will keep you happy, fit and free to spend your days however you want.

A Continuum of Care

Freedom Pointe at the Villages is a Life Plan community, which means we offer many levels of care. Healthy, active residents can enjoy fitness classes, wellness programs, continuous learning opportunities and so much more. And if you become a resident here, you also won’t have to worry about your future. If it ever becomes necessary, we provide assisted living services, skilled nursing and memory care, all on the same campus. Should anything ever happen, you won’t have to move away from the friends you’ve made, the clubs and activities you’ve enjoyed, and the caring staff members who you’ve made a real connection with.

We proudly partner with Life Care Services®, which means we’re able to provide the highest level of care, no matter what your care needs may be. At Freedom Pointe at the Villages, you’ll have independence, the best of services, amenities, dining options and all sorts of physical, mental and emotional wellness programs. And your emotional wellness begins with the peace of mind of knowing that whatever may happen in the future, Freedom Pointe at the Villages will always be your home.

To find out more about all the levels of care we have to offer at our Life Plan Community, contact us.